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Did you know that from April 16, 2020, an obligation in Poland to wear masks (covering the face) when leaving the house was introduced across the country?

www.chronimy.com.pl is an initiative created as a response to the current times of health threat.

We want to:

  • support you in taking care of yourself and other people in your surroundings
  • at the same time give you a protective mask that will last, be comfortable and look good.

Take care of yourself and others. Look good!

In our store you can buy:
City masks (3 layers, ergonomic shape, reusable mask) in several colours:
white, beige, pink, green, marine, light grey, dark grey, navy blue, black and variants for children.

Design – protection – style

  • Three-layer reusable masks, with profiled shape and interesting design
  • Profiled shape – the mask does not slip when worn
  • Bottom profiling – the mask stays better on the face and covers the chin better
  • Soft cotton lining with perforation on the inside – greater wearing comfort, also with increased physical effort and higher ambient temperature
  • Greater wearing comfort due to the use of wide elastic bands
  • Interesting designs and modern look Mix of colours: white – beige – mild pink – mild red – mild green – light grey – dark grey – navy blue – black
  • One size for adults, smaller size and various colours for kids
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Produced in Mazovia region
  • Can be washed at 60 ° C with the addition of a washing agent (we recommend powder or liquid for washing colours)
  • You can iron at temperatures up to 150 ° C

The offer also includes City Kids masks – size and designs tailored to the needs of children.

As a complement to purchases, we also have BioLabs disinfectant with aloe and vitamin B5, which works without using water and at the same time protects the skin of the hands. The 50ml packaging has a convenient bottle with a secure closure.

Fast delivery

Delivery within 48h

High quality

We sew our mask in Poland with best available fabrics

Competitive prices

Our masks have a competitive price compared to the market price

Safe shopping

"Paynow" offers payment methods in the form of pay-by-link and BLIK